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    JavaScript Survey and Form Library
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    SurveyJS Library

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    SurveyJS Library allows you to create dynamic surveys and forms and integrate them into your JavaScript application.


    • Dynamic forms, surveys, and quizzes for your JavaScript application
    • Angular, React, jQuery, Knockout, and Vue support
    • 20+ built-in question types and support for custom question types
    • Answer validation
    • Modern, customizable UI themes
    • TypeScript support
    • Community-supported UI localization to 50+ languages
    • Integration with any backend framework (examples for PHP, NodeJS, and ASP.NET included)
    • Survey results can be stored in any database
    • Third-party component integration

    Get Started


    Build the SurveyJS Library from Sources

    1. Clone the repo

       git clone
       cd survey-library
    2. Install dependencies
      Make sure that you have Node.js v6.0.0 or later and npm v2.7.0 or later installed.

       npm install -g karma-cli
       npm install
    3. Build the library

       npm run build_prod

      You can find the built scripts and style sheets in folders under the build directory.

    4. Run test examples

       npm start

      This command runs a local HTTP server at http://localhost:7777/.

    5. Run unit tests

       npm run test

      The unit tests use Karma.


    SurveyJS Library is distributed under the MIT license.

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