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    A touchable jQuery lightbox
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    A touchable jQuery lightbox.

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    What is Swipebox ?

    Swipebox is a jQuery "lightbox" plugin for desktop, mobile and tablet.


    • Swipe gestures for mobile
    • Keyboard Navigation for desktop
    • CSS transitions with jQuery fallback
    • Retina support for UI icons
    • Easy CSS customization
    • Video, Images and Inline content


    Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE9+, IOS4+, Android, windows phone.



    Include jquery and the swipebox script in your head tags or right before your body closing tag.

    <script src="lib/jquery-3.5.2.js"></script>
    <script src="src/js/jquery.swipebox.js"></script>


    Include the swipebox CSS style in your head tags.

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="src/css/swipebox.css">


    Use a specific class for your links and use the title attribute as caption.

    <a href="big/image.jpg" class="swipebox" title="My Caption">

    Fire the plugin

    Bind the swipebox behaviour on every link with the "swipebox" class.

    $( '.swipebox' ).swipebox();


    useCSS : true, // false will force the use of jQuery for animations
    initialIndexOnArray: 0, // which image index to init when a array is passed
    removeBarsOnMobile : true, // false will show top navigation bar on mobile devices
    hideCloseButtonOnMobile : false, // true will hide the close button on mobile devices
    removeBarsOnMobile : true, // false will show bottom bar on mobile devices
    hideBarsDelay : 3000, // delay before hiding bars on desktop
    videoMaxWidth : 1140, // videos max width
    beforeOpen: function(){} , // called before opening
    afterOpen: null, // called after opening
    afterClose: function(){}, // called after closing
    afterMedia: function(){}, // called after media is loaded
    loopAtEnd: false, // true will return to the first image after the last image is reached
    autoplayVideos: false // true will autoplay Youtube and Vimeo videos
    queryStringData: {} // plain object with custom query string arguments to pass/override for video URLs,
    toggleClassOnLoad: '' // CSS class that can be toggled when the slide will be loaded (like 'hidden' of Bootstrap)
    useSVG: true
    nextSlide: function(){} // called on next slide, works for next button, arrow keys and touch navigation
    prevSlide: function(){} // called on previous slide, works for previous button, arrow keys and touch navigation

    Pull Requests

    I want to keep this plugin as simple as possible. I won't merge pull requests for additional features such as download buttons, social like buttons, IE8 compatibility etc... But feel free to fork the project and customize it to suit to your needs. Most wanted PR are for bug fixes. Also, a future improvement will be to allow zoom on touchable devices.

    If you want to submit a pull request please be sure to grunt the whole thing (mostly jshintrc validation and minified file) and send me a demo URL. Also, please comment your code.

    Thanks for your understanding and thank you all for your helpful support!

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