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    Typecast.js :: Solving the simple problems
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    Typecast.js version 0.2

    In a sentence, Typecast solves all the simple problems, so you can focus on the big ones.

    Typecast fixes what's wrong with Javascript by creating a complete foundation for variable typing in Javascript. It works both in a browser and on Node.js servers. Typecast pairs well with jQuery and does not modify any native javascript methods. Typecast does not require a custom compiler like CoffeeScript, TypeScript or Clojure.

    Typecast is a replacement to underscore.js. Underscore provides 60 helper functions for 13k, while for only 10k more, Typecast provides over 200 additional helper functions. Typecast speeds development by reducing the length and variety of code required to complete common programming tasks, reducing both bugs and troubleshooting time.

    Version History

    Edge v0.4 :: in development as of Jan 2014

    • Removed all the helper functions
    • Removed the types "float" and "unique"
    • Removed method inheritance
    • Added back aliases for type names
    • Removed AMD and CommonJS loaders

    Current v0.2 :: May 26th, 2013

    • Removed "typed objects" and chaining
    • Made is() the default verb
    • Added some new types and new helpers
    • Removed some old documentation
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