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    WebRx is a Javascript MVVM-Framework built on ReactiveX for Javascript (RxJs) that combines functional-reactive programming with Observable-driven declarative Data-Binding, Templating and Client-Side Routing.
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    Note: This repository is no longer maintained. We recommend giving Vue.js a try.


    WebRx is a browser-based MVVM-Framework that combines Functional-Reactive-Programming with declarative Data-Binding, Templating and Client-Side Routing.

    The framework is built on top of ReactiveX for Javascript (RxJs) which is a powerful set of libraries for processing and querying asynchronous data-streams that can originate from diverse sources such as Http-Requests, Input-Events, Timers and much more.


    • Documentation
    • Declarative Two-way Data-Binding with many built-in Bindings and support for Custom-Bindings
    • Powerful Collection-Processing including Filtering- and Re-ordering Projections and Paging
    • Supports self-contained and reusable Components
    • State-based Router
    • Lightweight Message-Bus for loosely coupled inter-component communication
    • No dependencies other than RxJS
    • Compact (~30Kb minified & compressed)
    • Tested with IE9+, Firefox 5+, Chrome 5+, Safari 5+, Android Browser 4.0+, iOS Safari 5.0+

    How to install

    PM> Install-Package WebRx
    bower install WebRx
    npm install rx@">=4.0.0 <5.0.0" --save-dev
    npm install webrx --save-dev

    or download the latest release as zip

    Make sure to include script-references to rx.all.js before web.rx.js when integrating WebRx into your projects.


    WebRx's documentation can be found on here.


    Post your questions to Stackoverflow tagged with webrx.


    There are many ways to contribute to WebRx.


    MIT license -

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