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    Blueprint for modern web development
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    Wee is a front-end framework for logically building complex, responsive web projects.

    NPM version David


    Mobile-first CSS framework with configurable reset and mixin library

    • Central configuration for style normalization
    • Feature toggling to minimize build size
    • Structured breakpoints to organize responsive logic
    • Print styling to generate print-optimized pages

    JavaScript toolset to build scalable, organized client logic

    • Foundation of utilities, helpers, and controller structure
    • Chainable DOM traversal and manipulation with familiar API
    • Routing library to flexibly associate endpoints to actions
    • Event handling to bind actions to elements
    • Data loading for Ajax and JSON interaction
    • HTML5 history and PJAX navigation to create dynamic experiences
    • Data management that connects to localStorage and sessionStorage
    • Message mediation between modules and components
    • Resource loading for JavaScript, CSS, and images
    • Breakpoint watching for efficient media query callbacks

    Javascript configured build process to compile, optimize, and minify your project

    • Built-in server for local static development
    • Live reloading of assets and markup
    • Ghost mode to mirror actions across multiple browsers
    • Sourcemap output to line match unminified JavaScript
    • Validation of JavaScript against ESLint rules

    Get Started

    • Install the Wee CLI by running npm install -g wee-cli

    Then create a new Wee project:

    • Download the latest release
    • Clone the repository using git clone git://
    • Run npm install from the project root to install the build dependencies followed by wee to launch it

    Node.js 6+ is recommended for the build process.


    Wee officially supports all major browsers including IE11+ and Safari 9+


    Have a bug or a feature request? Open a new issue.

    Automated testing generously provided by BrowserStack.


    Wee adheres to Semantic Versioning in the form of MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. Regardless of version we recommend thoroughly reviewing the release notes before updating.


    Keep track of development and news by following @weecss on Twitter.


    © 2017 Lewis Communications. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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