Addressing the global software shortage

Software is eating the world as it becomes an increasingly important component of every type of business, from agriculture to media.
Salsita is doing its part to meet this mushrooming demand: experimenting, innovating and helping our clients to ship great products.

Pushing the boundaries of the browser

Developing browser add-ons can be tricky. Nowadays, with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome all capturing large chunks of the browser market, the task is that much more difficult. Our unparalleled skill and experience with cross-browser add-on development will help make your project a success.

JavaScript and Node.js development

Top notch developers and a cutting-edge agile development methodology applied to the latest JavaScript platforms, frameworks and libraries.

Browser Plugins

We build world-class extensions and plugins for all major browsers. Check our out case studies for specific examples of browser add-ons we have developed for our clients.

JavaScript Development

At Salsita we live and breathe JavaScript. And we’re not talking about slapping a few script lines on a webpage, but heavy-duty software engineering that just happens to be in JavaScript rather than Java, Python or C++.

Customer Focus

Our client testimonials speak for themselves:

"...exceeded our expectations in every regard..."
Jim Brock, Founder, PrivacyChoice

"...critical assistance in executing our product vision..."
Nissan Bahar, Managing Director, Bloonn Srl

"...a pleasure to work with their talented team..."
Sven Hammar, CEO, Apica AB

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