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JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and plugins.

  • Pilot

    Pilot — multifunction JavaScript router.

  • Platform.js

    A platform detection library that works on nearly all JavaScript platforms.

  • Visibility.js

    Visibility.js allows you to determine whether your web page is visible to a user, is hidden in background tab or is prerendering. It allows you to use the page visibility state in JavaScript logic and improve browser performance by disabling unnecessary timers and AJAX requests, or improve user interface experience (for example, by stopping video playback or slideshow when user switches to another browser tab).

  • Boiler

    Boiler is a utility library that makes every day tasks in JavaScript easier by providing over 115 methods that work on arrays, collections, functions, numbers, objects, and strings.

  • When

    A solid, fast Promises/A+ and when() implementation, plus other async goodies.

  • Functional Js

    A functional js library that facilitates currying and point-free / tacit programming

  • P

    Peer-to-peer networking with browsers

  • Cram

    Simple AMD and CommonJS module bundler.

  • Grapnel.js

    A simple, lightweight library making it easy to create routes or run events based on a specific URL hashtag.

  • Cellx

    Ultra-fast implementation of reactivity for javascript

  • Node Browserify

    browser-side require() the node.js way

  • jTypes

    jTypes is the most comprehensive and robust JavaScript library for overcoming differential inheritance with prototype-based objects. Its lightweight yet powerful design provides web programmers on any platform or browser the ability to emulate classical inheritance where objects are defined by classes.

  • Eve.js

    A <3kb JavaScript file providing three simple methods to organize code into CSS namespaces which magically restrict code to the current context, allowing for dramatic reductions to code size and development time.

  • Hermes.js

    Message and Error logger implementation

  • Backbone Layout Manager

    A layout and template manager for Backbone.js applications.

  • Lucid Js

    LucidJS is a chainable event emitter library. It offers several unique features such as set events, emitter piping, DOM node encapsulation, sub events, along with the usual event triggering and binding. LucidJS emitters also feature meta events that allow listening for event binding and event triggering. LucidJS works in both the browser and node.js.