The definitive source of the best
JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and plugins.

  • File Api

    A set of javascript tools for working with files.

  • Baffle

    A tiny javascript library for obfuscating and revealing text in DOM elements. :astonished:

  • Vue Headful

    Set document title and meta tags with Vue.js

  • jQuery hotkeys

    jquery.hotkeys plugin lets you easily add and remove handlers for keyboard events anywhere in your code supporting almost any key combination. It takes one line of code to bind/unbind a hot key combination

  • Adapt

    Adapt.js serves CSS based on screen width.

  • Pdfmake

    Client/server side PDF printing in pure JavaScript

  • Parallel.js

    Parallel.js is a tiny library for multi-core processing in Javascript.

  • Mdb Angular Ui Kit

    Angular 11 & Bootstrap 5 & Material Design 2.0 UI KIT

  • Rule Reactor

    A light weight, fast, expressive forward chaining business rule engine leveraging JavaScript internals, lazy cross-products, and Functions as objects rather than Rete. NOTE: The master branch is the front edge of development. If you desire a more tested version, use the npm package.

  • Social Count

    Simple barebones project to show share counts from various social networks.

  • Tracking.js

    The tracking.js brings to web elements tracking techniques of a real scene captured by the camera, through natural interactions from object tracking, color markers, among others, allowing the development of interfaces and games through a simple and intuitive API.

  • Absurd

    Writing your CSS in JavaScript. That's it!

  • Embed.js

    A jQuery plugin that analyses the string and automatically embeds emojis, media, maps, tweets, code and services.

  • Tinycon

    A small library for manipulating the favicon, in particular adding alert bubbles and changing images.

  • Assemble

    Static site generator for Node.js, Grunt.js, and Yeoman (and soon, Gulp), using the Handlebars template engine. Used by Zurb Foundation, Zurb Ink, H5BP/Effeckt, Less.js /, Topcoat, Web Experience Toolkit, and hundreds of other projects to build sites, themes, components, documentation, blogs and gh-pages. Pull requests welcome, stars appreciated!

  • Twitter Post Fetcher

    Fetch your twitter posts without using the new Twitter 1.1 API. Pure JavaScript! By Jason Mayes